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Sourcing and Procurement Solutions

“What gets measured, gets managed.”    Peter Drucker

Sourcing and procurement play an ever-increasing role in cost containment. That is why, at Multi-Pak, supply chain management is designed and managed from the customers’ perspective. Well-developed sourcing strategies are key factors in helping our clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Our team is trained to employ best practice tools and techniques in order to negotiate the most favorable terms available.

However, the supply chain isn’t just an issue to be dealt with by procurement. Rather, the entire organization, starting with top management, is mobilized around the supply chain strategy. At Multi-Pak our supply chain managers drive sourcing and procurement from a strategic, tactical, and operational level. They join forces with our suppliers to find mutually advantageous approaches to meet customer targets.

Once a client’s needs are clearly articulated, we conduct extensive research of both the market and suppliers that meet this profile. We then work with suppliers to ensure they understand both short and long term requirements so strategic goals are supported and risk is managed appropriately.