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Client Service Team

The Customer is King. Period.

Our Client Service Team, or customer champions as we like to call them, knows that customer loyalty has to be earned. We place great importance on distinguishing ourselves by the level of client service we deliver.

Since they are at the forefront of our client relationships, these specialists cover all aspects of the client experience, including consulting, planning, sourcing, inventory management, project management, budgeting, testing, warehousing and distribution.

Known for their troubleshooting skills, thinking on their feet, the ability to ask questions, a desire to seek feedback, and an innate passion for helping people, this team ensures that we are meeting all of our clients’ servicing needs. Some of our people come with years of experience, and some come in with new, fresh perspectives. Each of our team members is hired with the expectation of working in the best interest of our customers. It’s this diversity that makes our team successful.

Each of our clients works with a Client Manager who acts as the main point of contact for the client. Client Managers identify, mobilize and deliver solutions and resources within Multi-Pak to meet the client’s needs. They ensure smooth day-to-day operations for each project and manage each project against specific deadlines. They keep clients updated on all changes and developments in real time. Ultimately, they are charged with developing mutually beneficial long term relationships with our clients.