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Our flexible packaging services provide a wide array of options to our clients.

With our state-of-the-art flexible packaging capabilities, we can create economical, consumer-friendly, and environmentally sound pouches to meet all your needs.

Multi-Pak Packaging operates both high-speed and low-volume pouching machines.

Our vertical form fill and seal machines are uniquely positioned to fill up to 12 different pills into the highest quality clear or pre-printed film. We also use single or multi-colored foil, and each pouch can be individually printed with art, lot, and expiration date.

Our resealable pouch machines handle virtually all types and sizes of resealable pouches. We offer gusseted pouches that provide the convenience of standing freely and securely as well as other types of resealable pouches.

Accuracy is carefully monitored by our skilled workforce and quality assurance team with multiple inspections throughout the production process to assure that your product specifications are met 100%.

Multi-Pak Packaging has extensive experience packaging all types of gummy products into pouches. Gummies are packaged in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment with the proper filling equipment to maximize efficiencies during the filling process.

We offer:

  • Four-Sided Sealed Pouches
  • Gusseted Pouches
  • Resealable Pouches
  • Clear or Pre-printed film
  • Single or multi-colored foil
  • Capable of filling up to 12 different pills in one four-sided sealed pouch
  • Tear notching
  • In-line printing of lot number and expiration date
  • Tamper-evident and child-resistant options
  • Tandem four-sided sealed pouches
  • Gummies filling into Pouches
  • Environmentally friendly substrate options to meet your sustainability goals